The Unknown World of Chain, Part 3 Relentless Work to Be the World’s Best

Sep. 15.2020

The Unknown World of Chain, Part 3 Relentless Work to Be the World’s Best


In the previous part, we told our story about the newly founded Kito Corporation beginning in-house production of chain as the most vital component of the chain hoist, and soon pioneering the automated production of chain in Japan.

In 1951, just a few years after the World War II concluded, our founder, Miyoshi Kito, went to the US for the first time to look at what industry was doing there, and was shaken by what he found. Where in Japan chain was simply welded together, in the US it was heat-processed for use in hoists. This inspired him to open company-wide research on chain.

Heat-processing of chain, such as quenching and tempering, was uncharted territory for Kito then. After going through piles of tested chain and many twists and turns, Kito established a new high technology called high-frequency heat-processing, opening in a new era of quality for the company.

Technological evolution continued at Kito. In 1980, following may years of research, we were first in the world to develop grade-100, the world’s top-class chain.

Through decades of evolution and innovation, Kito’s philosophy and commitment as a manufacturer has not changed since its founding, to develop excellent products of unparalleled safety and durability, and satisfy customer needs. Kito will continue rising to the challenges in its relentless pursuit of the world’s strongest, highest-quality chain.
To be continued.