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Kito Social-Media Policy

Kito promotes the use of social media to share valuable information with customers and enhance the Kito brand. While doing so, every Kito employee will closely observe the following rules.

1. Awareness and responsibility in sharing information via social media

We are aware that the information we share online is accessible by large, indefinite numbers of people of all backgrounds and situations. We fully understand that once information is disclosed over a network it can never be deleted completely. We also understand that transmissions of or responses to information by individual employees online can affect society and cause misunderstanding. Kito will work to ensure that each employee knows the rules for social media and will be aware and responsible in using them.

2.Promoting communication by appropriate information sharing

We carefully listen to customers and stakeholders at large, and make responsible statements as Kito employees.

3.Legal compliance

In transmitting information, we will strictly comply with relevant laws and Kito's own rules in using social media to make statements as responsible members of society.

Use of social media

Kito has set guidelines separate from this policy concerning the business or personal use of social media by employees.

To social-media users

Information transmitted to social sites by Kito or its employees should not be considered equal to the official statements or opinions of the company. For official information please consult the Kito corporate website and press releases. Please understand that as a rule we do not respond to comments posted about us online.