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2020 Armsel (India) changed its name to Kito India.
Acquire all the shares of Van Leusden in the Netherlands.
2018 Launch Kito PRO Light Crane System, with product lines of aluminum-rail and steel-rail.
Acquire all the shares of Erikkila in Finland.
2017 Launch Kito Lifting Point, rotating metal link attached to heavy loads.
2016 Dissolve Business and Capital Alliance with Konecranes Plc of Finland.
Acquire all the shares of PWB Anchor in Australia.
Launch RY Series of Wire-rope Hoist.
Establish Kito Chain Italia in Italy.
2014 Acquire all the shares of Peerless Industrial Group in the US.
2012 Establish Kito Taiwan.
2011 Kito Indonesia in Indonesia.
Launch EQ Series Electric Chain Hoist.
Establish Kito do Brasil in Brazil.
The Carlyle Group sells its entire holding of KITO shares.
2010 Sign Business and Capital Alliance agreement with Konecranes of Finland.
Acquire all the shares of Armsel in India.
2008 Establish Kito Korea in Korea.
Good Design Award 2008 awarded to KITO CX series of hand chain hoist.
Complete new factory of Siam Kito in Thailand.
2007 Stock Listed in the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Develop ER2 Series Electric Chain Hoist.
2006 Establish Kito Europe in Germany.
Develop CX Series Manual Chain Hoist.
2005 Complete new factory of Jiangyin Kito Crane in China.
2004 Spin-off the logistics system division to Daifuku Co.,Ltd.
Establish Kito Hoists & Cranes (Shanghai) in China.
2003 Develop LX Series Lever Hoist, awarded Gold Prize Good Design.
Accept capital participation from The Carlyle Group.
2001 Acquire ISO 14001 international standard certification.
1998 Develop ER Series,Electric Chain Hoist.
Acquire ISO 9001 international standard certification.
1997 Establish Siam Kito in Thailand.
1996 Establish Kito Philippines.
1995 Establish Jiangyin Kito Crane in China.
1993 Establish Kito Canada in Canada.
1990 Establish Harrington Hoists in the U.S.
1983 Move Head Office & Factory from Kawasaki to Showa-cho, Yamanashi.
1980 Develop chain sling 100, using the world's strongest 1000N/mm² chain.
1970 Change corporate name to Kito Corporation.
1963 Develop the Double-end Driven Simplified Crane.
1959 Develop KITO MIGHTY, the first ever hand chain hoist with hardened chains.
1958 Develop 57 Series Electric Chain Hoist.
1947 Develop Lever Hoist, the first device of its kind in Japan.
1945 Move Head Office & Factory to Nakanoshima, Kawasaki.
1932 Establish The Kito Manufacturing Company in Omori, Tokyo.