Environmental policy / Certifications

Basic Policy

Kito shall contribute to realizing an enriched and sustainable society where people are in harmony with the earth through development of our business activities and provision of products and services in the material handling field.

Action Guidelines

Through our business activities and product lifecycles, Kito shall set goals concerning reduction of environmental burdens, pollution prevention, etc. and promote environmental activities while continuously improving our management system.

  1. Measures against climate changeWe will decrease energy consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Control of chemical substancesWe will continuously reduce and replace substances having significant impacts on people and the earth.

  3. Sustainable use of resourcesWe will understand the finiteness of resources and ensure their effective use by saving and recycling them.

  4. Measures to protect biodiversityWe will strive to mitigate our impact on biodiversity and conserve ecosystems.

  5. ComplianceWe will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and other requirements that our company agrees to.


  • Our Yamanashi main plant in Japan and our plant in Jiangyin, China achieved international certification of ISO14001 for environmental management.
  • One of our main products, the EQ hoist (capacity: 980kg), has won the EcoLeaf environmental label. Under this program the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) quantifies the environmental impact of a given product throughout its life cycle, publishes the data and certifies products considered environment friendly.