Social contribution

By producing and selling safe, durable hoists and cranes, Kito contributes not only to our customers, distributors, business partners and other direct stakeholders, but to society at large as well.

For customer safety and confidence

On every materials-handling floor in the world, Kito offers suggestions to customers from their standpoint to get the work done better, and provides the products and services they need to make it happen. In this way we win the trust of the market and help our customers make their own social contributions safely and efficiently.

Diverse personnel

Kito values diversity in hiring, and pays attention to ensure that our employees are motivated and happy.

Personnel training

We invite excellent young people from Group firms around the world to attend our Kito University courses to learn together about the firm’s history and philosophy, and grow to join the next generation of leaders. For new employees we offer a training program of roughly six months so they can sample all our jobs, from factory operations to sales. To help employees build careers making the most of their skills and talents, we have a career-design program and internal hiring program.

Better work life

Kito takes extra effort to reduce total work hours for its employees, encouraging them to take at least 80% of their paid holidays, promoting workplace kaizen through employee suggestions, and distributing human resources to optimum.

Employee health

Kito helps employees stay healthy by offering regular medical checkups, flexibility checks and flu shots, as well as health care as needed by a full-time resident nurse.

Hiring the disabled

Believing that the job opportunities a corporation offers are an important part of its social contribution, Kito puts special effort into hiring people with disabilities. Our basic labor policy is to build a work environment in which all people, with different personalities, abilities and disabilities, find it easy to work. Based on this we continuously make workplace improvements as a concerted effort groupwide. Disabled employees make up 7.42% of our total workforce as of July 2024, far above the legal mandate of 2.5%. In September 2017 Kito won the Grand Prix for workplace improvement for disabled employees from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Social contribution

Kito works to prosper in concert with regional and global communities, always keeping in mind its responsibilities as a corporate member of society, maintaining clear, close and frequent communications.


Since 2013 Kito has been a regular contributor to the environmental-preservation programs supported by Yamanashi Prefecture, where our main plant is located. In addition, employees get involved in volunteering in regions heavily damaged by earthquakes and typhoons, as well as fundraising.


Next-generation outreach

Kito regularly holds tours of the main plant for primary- and middle-school children, and co-sponsors the Asahi Shimbun Oshigoto Nenkan (Job Almanac) to assist them in considering careers.

Athlete support

Through our Gold Partner agreement with the Japan Para-Ski Federation, Kito helps disabled athletes compete around the world.


Community contributions

Ventforet Kofu is a professional soccer club and active regional contributor in Yamanashi Prefecture, where Kito is based. As a sponsor, Kito provides inter-regional uniforms and pitch signboards.