Internal Control, Compliance

Internal Control

The Company has developed the “Basic Policy for Construction of Internal Control System” to construct and operate the system to directly monitor and control whether all of its business activities are performed based on the philosophy of “Deliver Unmatched Satisfaction to Our Customers.” In compliance with the policy, corporate auditors and the Internal Audit Office take the lead in conducting operation audit and development and operation of the control system in accordance with J-SOX.


The Company recognizes that performance of compliance (observation of laws and regulations) is the first step toward establishing a reputation among its customers that “KITO is the brand of trust.” The Company has developed the “Compliance Manual” to enhance the awareness of each of its employees and makes group-wide efforts to have the manual disseminated and known across the entire organization. The Company has, as a member of the international community, established its security export control regulations and controls its exports in compliance with the regulations so that it will not disturb the maintenance of international peace and security.