Social Media Policy

Kito Social Media Policy

Kito Corporation (hereinafter, the “Company”) promotes the use of social media to furnish valuable information to customers and enhance our brands. To access and use the official Kito social-media accounts (“our accounts”), please agree on the following social media policy (the “Policy”).

1. Awareness and responsibility of information providers

The Company provides information online with extreme caution about its content, fully understanding that the information published online will be accessible byF many unspecified people with various backgrounds and issues, and once published it cannot be completely deleted.
The Company helps raise employee consciousness and sense of responsibility with full understanding of our rules on the use of social media and knowledge that the information published and actions taken online by Kito employees can impact society and cause misunderstandings.

2. Promotion of communications through appropriate sharing of information

The Company promotes two-way communication by having our employees furnish information and comment online in a responsible manner and listen to our customers as well as a broad variety of stakeholders.

3. Compliance with laws and rules

The Company uses social media and furnish information in compliance with laws, regulations and our own rules, with awareness of our responsibilities as a member of society.

4. Operation of our accounts

  1. The Company uses the following accounts, managed and operated by the Corporate Communication Department.


    Kito Corporation


    Kito Corporation


    Kito Corporation

  2. Information provided by our accounts and our employees on social media accounts is not always an official announcement or opinion of the Company. For our official announcements, visit our official websites |

  3. The Company generally publishes online content between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday through Friday (Tokyo time), except for New Year’s Day and holidays the Company designates.

  4. Our accounts may cease operation or be deleted without notice.

5. Functions and treatment of “Like,” “Follow,” “Retweet” and comment and private message response

  1. The Company may use “Like” and “Follow” on social-media accounts other than our own, and do the same and “Retweet” information provided by those accounts.

  2. The Company does not use these functions referencing specific companies or users.

  3. The Company may respond to comments and direct inquiries about the information the Company furnishes depending on their content.

6. To the users of our accounts

  1. The Company considers a “Like” or “Follow” to our accounts as your agreement to the Policy and that you allow us to access the information you have disclosed online (name, ID, profile, picture, etc.) from our accounts. As any user can see the content of our accounts without a “Like” or “Follow,” the Company presumes that they also agree and comply with the Policy in principle.

  2. The Company is not responsible for user comments or any dispute related to our accounts between account users or between account users and a third party, or any resulting damage

  3. In accessing and using our accounts, please refrain from actions described below. Where the Company considers that a user comment represents such action, the Company may delete the comment or block the account.
    Users may not

    – Pretend to be us, an account user or a third party,

    – Identify, disclose or leak personal information about another account user or a third party without their consent,

    – Abuse, slander or do any harm to the honor or credibility of the Company, another account user or third party,

    – Violate any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of the Company, another user or third party,

    – Falsify information provided by our accounts,

    – Undertake any action the Company considers inappropriate.

7. Other

This policy may be revised without notice.

October 2018