Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Effects on Kito Group Business


As the novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and its effects spread globally, we at the Kito Group, in all our offices and plants worldwide, are doing our best to prevent the spread of infection under the guidelines of our respective local governments, putting top priority on the health and safety of our customers, business partners, employees and their families.


Our major production plants in Japan, the United States and China, and other area are operating more or less as usual, with no important impact on parts procurement or product supplies. We are paying special attention to our supply chains involving Europe and the Americas, where the infection is propagating widely, and Southeast Asia, to ensure we can maintain larger-than-usual inventories. At the same time, we are watching for signs that the situation could last longer than expected.


Our office staff and salespeople are putting their utmost into applying teleworking solutions to continue providing our customers and business partners with the products and services they need.


We will continue to disclose information on the impact of the pandemic as needed.