Kito Introduces New 1 ton Model CX Chain Hoist

Kito Introduces New 1 ton Model CX Chain Hoist


June 18, 2019 –Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (head office: Yamanashi, Japan; president: Yoshio Kito) announces the release of a new 1 ton model to its CX line of manual chain hoists to Japanese market on July 1.

The CX series are designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to set up in tight workspaces and high position. Our 1 ton hoist is 7.3kg, standard chain lift of 2.5m, the lightest in Japan with its body basing on 500kg model.

Aside Japan, 1 ton CX Manual Chain Hoist is available in China, Korea and Taiwan and is planned to be released to other markets in near future as well.



- Best lightweight in Japanese market

7.3kg in weight, it's extremely portable and easy to operate in tight spaces and in high positions.

- Easy to operate

It works smoothly with little effort.

- High safety

The unit's overload limiter prevents hoisting of excess loads.















Twist Checker

In the case that the load chain is twisted, the twist checker can help users easily find the twist by just sliding it up and down.

















Product line

Rated loads: 250kg, 500kg and 1ton (New)

Release date to Japanese market

Monday, July 1, 2019


55,000 Japanese Yen (without tax)


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