The Kito PRO Light Crane System Debuts

The Kito PRO Light Crane System Debuts

Low mass makes light work for anyone


Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (head office: Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; president: Yoshio Kito) will open sales of its new PRO light crane system to Japanese market on Wednesday, August 1.

The system requires only light force to operate, so it can be easily handled by women and seniors. Revision of the rail cross-section makes it 10% lighter than the average aluminum rail in the class. Adopting suspension metals instead of heavy-duty rails, the crane can transfer loads along smooth, three-dimensional lines. The low mass of the rail gives it advantages over ceiling-mounted cranes in building a production line in an existing plant or changing layout to suit a specific workplace.



- The aluminum rail is light, easily operable and boosts production efficiency.

- Low mass reduces workloads in installation and relocation, and can boost per-capita productivity.


Product line

- Aluminum-rail light crane (four models)

- Steel-rail light crane (two models)

- Aluminum-rail portal crane (single or double girder)


Release date

Wednesday, August 1


For inquiries about this release contact:

TEL: +81-(0)3-5908-0161


PDF: The Kito PRO Light Crane System Debuts