Kito Launches “Kito Lifting Point”



Kito Launches “Kito Lifting Point”

Metal Link Improves Safety in Various Applications



Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (head office: Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; president: Yoshio Kito) will introduce Kito Lifting Point to Japanese market as of Wednesday, November 1. Kito Lifting Point is a metal link attached to heavy loads, with much the same purpose as widely used fixed eyebolts. Eyebolts, however, can endanger workers as the bolts tend to rotate and loosen during rigging practices, and can bend when attached to the side of a load or a load with the bolts attached is pulled up to a standing position. Kito Lifting Point offers safer options for rigging operations as its bolt attached to a load and its shackle are structurally independent, so the shackle can rotate without loosening the bolt. Its range of possible applications is very broad, promising greater safety in many situations. The company will soon introduce Kito Lifting Point in Thailand, then worldwide.




<Main features>

- High safety

* Bolts and shackles are structurally independent.

* Shackles can rotate 360 or 180 degrees towards loading direction

* Enable safer operations where fixed eyebolts would be dangerous to use, such as lifting loads horizontally, diagonally or to a standing position.

- Wide variation

Three selectable load capacities (Bolt size: M24-M48)

- Handles three times the weight

Three times larger lifting capacity compared to a JIS fixed eyebolt of the same diameter (maximum)


<Product Line>

Rated loads between 0.3 to 20 tonnes in 21 variations (bolt size M8-M64)


<Release date>

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


<Prices (standard retail)>

7,860-166,320 yen, excluding tax


<Sales goal for first year>

4,000 units


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