Kito Develops New "Kento-kun" for Construction Sites



Kito Develops New "Kento-kun" for Construction Sites



Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (head office: Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; president: Yoshio Kito) has developed a large reversing machine, called the New Kento-kun, jointly with construction equipment leasing company Joto Sangyo Co. As commercial and residential buildings increase in size, structural components like precast concrete pillars and steel-reinforced materials are growing longer than ever. Raising those materials to vertical position using a tower crane or crane truck usually requires hoists and hooks of different shapes to fit specific loads. The new reversing machine lifts a long object laid horizontally to vertical position using a simple remote control, increasing safety and efficiency. With infrastructure building up in Japan, particularly in central Tokyo, for the Olympic Games of 2020 and the structural reinforcement of buildings against earthquakes, demand is rising for medium and large reversing machines.


Core features

* Low weight using lithium-ion batteries

* Self-recharging mechanism while reversing operations

* Inverter control for easier operation

* Maximum and minimum height limits to assure safety


Reversing weight

20 tonnes


Profile of Joto Sangyo Co.

Joto Sangyo Co. produces, sells and leases construction equipment and tools to handle steel-reinforced construction materials and temporary structures necessary for work safety on construction sites. The firm provides high technology, putting customer needs, safety and confidence first.




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