Kito Introduces the TNER Theatrical Hoist



Kito Introduces the TNER Theatrical Hoist

Powerful US Subsidiary Harrington Debuts in Japan



Tokyo, March 24, 2015‐Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (head office: Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; president: Yoshio Kito) is set to begin offering the TNER theatrical hoist in Japan on April 1 (Wednesday). The TNER is a specialized unit for stage, concert and event venues. It attaches to the stage superstructure to raise truss-work mounted with lighting and audio equipment. As it hangs upside-down, it does not require the risky work of setup in high places. Compared with conventional electric chain hoists, the TNER is much smaller, minimizing dead space. Its black body is visibly inconspicuous for audiences, and does not the affect audience experience.The TNER theatrical hoist is already enjoying high marks in the US, the world entertainment leader, and it will land in Japan with the US Harrington badge.



- Light and compact: The hoist body is about 9kg lighter and 8cm shorter than the previous 500kg model.

- Uniform speed: The lifting and lowering speeds of the new 500kg and 1-ton theatrical hoists were unified to meet industry standards.

- Versatile: Can lift with the hoist body at either top or bottom.


Rated loads: 500kg and 1 ton


Available April 1, 2015



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PDF: Kito Introduces the TNER Theatrical Hoist