Kito Announces New Air Hoist



Kito Announces New Air Hoist

Made compact and light with an air motor for uses in various environments



Tokyo, August 21, 2015 - Hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (Head office; Nakakoma, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; President: Yoshio Kito) will begin offering the Kito Air Hoist, powered by compressed air, on September 1. The air-driven mechanism makes the product much more compact and light, easy to use and highly portable. Without an electric motor, it can withstand harder and more frequent use with no danger of spark discharge or motor burnout, suitable for a broad range of environments, including flammable conditions.




Main features

  1. Higher productivity for the production floor

 Air power prevents burnout, so allows more frequent use.

Hoisting speed can be fine-tuned for precise positioning.

An ultra-high-speed model is in the works for a major boost in workplace efficiency.


  1. Work safety

 Air power prevents nearly all fires.

 The standard hoist limiter to prevent damage to the chassis and chain.

 The nickel-plated load chain, an original Kito product for the world market, is standard on all but the TNC series.


  1. User-friendly

 Light, compact, highly portable unit

 No concern about regional differences in supply voltage or frequency.


Product variations

Load ranges from 250 kilograms to 25 tons


Sales areas

Japan, China and several other world markets


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PDF: Kito Announces New Air Hoist