Kito Mighty supports landscaping job

Jul. 20.2022

Kito Mighty supports landscaping job

Seiju-en in Takarazuka, Hyogo, is a 67-year-old landscaping company. Mr. Takao Tanizoe, the owner of Seiju-en, welcomed my team at the site and showed us how to remove maple stumps.

Today job was to remove the trees at the entrance of a steakhouse. He cut down a sick maple tree, before pulling up the stump with Kito Mighty.

The roots were so deep in the earth, so he lifted up the stump a little, cut through the stubborn roots, and hoisted it up entirely.


Now the stump was completely extracted from the groundand the roots are no longer attached to the earth.



Mr. Takao Tanizoe (third from left) with Seiju-en team. Takao is the fourth-generation owner of Seiju-en. He jumped into the family landscaping business at the age of 17, honed his skills, built experiences, and soon doubled his company sales. Seiju-en has a YouTube channel where you can see their work. With more than 23,000 subscribers Seiju-en has built an international fan base. While respecting traditional methods and careful, detailed work, I try to make safer the dangerous work that used to rely on craftsmanship, with new techniques available anywhere in the world.