Thankful for Customer Thanks

Mar. 22.2022

Thankful for Customer Thanks

At the West Customer Center Ayu Mita is extremely busy every day, answering phones, making quotes and procuring what customers need. Despite the hectic life at work, she’s always cheerful and vibrant. Where does she get that energy?


Always Smile, Even When You Can’t See the Person

Our job at the Customer Center is to listen to customers’ needs. I make a habit of speaking with vigor and courtesy in taking care of customers, even more so on the phone, because we can’t see each other. The customer inquiries about parts I get are mostly for needed help when a product they’re using malfunctions. In those cases try to I make my explanations clearer and easier to understand than usual. When I hear a customer say “Thank you” at the end of the conversation, in my head I take a victory pose.


Fast, Accurate Procurement

Above all else, procurement work has to be accurate. Any mistake inconveniences the customer. To prevent errors I make a checklist and read the listed items aloud as I visually check each one off. That said, accuracy alone doesn’t make a good job, speed matters as well. Our procurement work peaks in the morning. I tap my computer keyboard with steady breath and focused attention.


No One Can Work Alone

When any of our products malfunctions in use, it inconveniences the customer. We on the customer-support team commit to delivering needed parts as quickly as possible, even by shaving a second. While the pandemic still makes in-person communication difficult, feel free to contact us at the West Customer Center any time!