Safe Operations of Ski Resort Sustained by Kito Products

Feb. 25.2022

Safe Operations of Ski Resort Sustained by Kito Products

The Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture uses many Kito products for maintenance and repair of the cable cars and lifts that carry people across its vast area. We visited in November when crews were busy preparing for the winter season.

The resort’s cable-car line, the Dragondola, is the longest in Japan at 5,481 meters. For safe operation, careful maintenance is vital. The 107 cars are divided into three groups, and each car is disassembled for inspection and maintenance once over a regular three-year rotation.

To replace the grip connecting the car with the cable, electric chain hoists lift the entire car. Each grip is hung using manual chain hoists for maintenance. Workers tell us that each car weighs 640 kilograms, and the grip 120kg.

Lever hoists are used to loosen the cable and take weight off the gear train to replace bearings and rubber.
It’s important to conduct regular maintenance even in the off season for transporting customers safely. That’s why we can enjoy excellent powder snow!