Light Cranes Support Construction-Machinery Lessor

Jan. 17.2022

Light Cranes Support Construction-Machinery Lessor

We visited the recently opened Osaka DL Center of Aktio Corp., a lessor of construction machinery. A pleasant sea breeze occasionally wafts through the open facility, which was just completed in September 2021 at Osaka Nanko Port.

The facility operates Kito Pro Light Crane systems on 18 lines, along with 21 electric chain hoists. They move rental machines into or from the warehouse, load them on trucks and arrange them in the maintenance area.

Of the 800-900 kinds of rentals available here, most are small construction machines. We spotted many Kito products among them, and appreciate the company’s support.

The rated capacity of the light crane used to handle relatively heavy products is 980kg. A wireless drive unit complements the lifting range of up to five meters. Operation is very quiet and the design is minimalist, with the control buttons not getting in the way.

Manager Naoyasu Yamaguchi of the Osaka DL Center (middle) gave us an encouraging comment: “The light crane follows the worker’s movements just with light pulls, perfect for our work! Our positive experience using Kito products at the Tokyo DL Center helped us decide on the purchases here as well.”