Feminine Delicacy Shines with Craftswomanship

Dec. 27.2021

Feminine Delicacy Shines with Craftswomanship

Because no two are exactly the same in design and specifications, Kito’s electric hoists are the products of precision hand assembly. On the assembly line is a woman truly committed to manufacturing. Let’s talk with Haruna Yamamura of the Electric Hoist Assembly Team.


Assembling one-of-a-kind products

My love of making things began in early childhood. I’ve always been good at putting things together and repetitive tasks. So I was delighted when I was assigned to an assembly team when I joined Kito. I assemble many electric chain hoists every day, and I’m particular about the neatness of each assembly, while making sure each unit will bring peace of mind to the customer. For example, when the wiring is neat, repair work is easier, which I think can be a big deal for the customer.

The impact driver is my work buddy. We finish each unit in just 20 minutes.


Tops for speed and quality

I’ve been on the Electric Hoist Assembly Team for seven years.  At this juncture I work to be first among the team members in terms of assembly speed and neat finish, with quality as a given. I’m not very good at teaching things to others, but I want to be able to impart my skills and expertise in ways that are easy to understand. Women are still be in the minority on the production floor, and muscle work is sometimes needed. When I can’t do this kind of job on my own, I ask my fellow team members to help, while thinking about what I can do better. Being a woman here can be an advantage. Delicate work, like wiring, is easier for the smaller hands of women. We can also turn on a dime in tiny workspaces more easily than bulkier men.

Haruna exhibits her bashfulness as she talks.


Big motorcycle

As a child I was a tomboy, loving to go catch fish in a river or lizards in the mountains. Since I got my midsized motorcycle license at age 18. I’ve been commuting by motorcycle, and I recently made an upgrade. I’ve just obtained a large-motorcycle license, which I’d been wanting for years. My new interest these days is the Japanese kimono and taking classes on how to put it on, a series of complex processes. I want to be able to quickly put it on in an stylish manner.