Jib Crane Reduces Worker Burden and Saves Labor!

May. 06.2021

Jib Crane Reduces Worker Burden and Saves Labor!

Based in the city of Tsuchiura in Ibaraki Prefecture, Yashiro Sheet Metal Corp. works to satisfy customer needs with physical products. It employs high technology to process internal parts, frames and external panels of a broad range of devices for chip-making, precision measurement, food-processing and more.

“This frame for a food-processing machine is in processing. The jib crane is installed close to the workplace for worker convenience.”

“This jib crane assists in welding processes. Because welding needs vary depending on how a given part is used, it’s important to work with strong knowledge of how customers will employ a given part.”

“Parts are mounted on a three-dimensional measuring machine. The task of lifting the parts used to require two workers, but with a jib crane one person can handle it.”

“We continue to enjoy high semiconductor-related demand,” says President Isamu Yashiro(center right). The high energy evident all over the plant demonstrates his point.