A New Era for Hoists

Mar. 15.2021

A New Era for Hoists

Kito introduced Kito Electric Chain Balancer in 2020. It looks like a chain hoist, but it’s a new product, entirely different from any that Kito has developed before. What are its characteristics?

What’s a balancer, anyway?
As the name suggests, in a broad sense, it’s a machine for maintaining balance. A balancer for a hoist generates power balanced with the weight of the load. It allows the operator to hold the load with two hands and apply light force for fine positioning and horizontal insertion of a part, efficiently.

Two modes of operation
Float mode (left) allows the operator to position the load by holding it in two hands, ideal for assembly. Cylinder mode (right), in sync with the operator’s hand motion, is ideal for fine positioning. The electric chain balancer is a crystallization of Kito technologies and knowledge built over decades of chain-hoist development. With high-performance control devices built in, it responds quickly to the operator’s motion while being highly durable and easy to operate.

“Visualization in factory operations is a trendy concept today. Connecting production machines and high-performance computers, manufacturers allow operators to see at a glance which machine was used in what way. The same goes for hoists and cranes. Soon it will be taken for granted that positioning anything to be assembled will be decided automatically, and the operation will be monitored in real time. For its network connectivity, I’ve given this balancer a pioneering role in that.” (Kazuhiro Nishikawa, Product Developer)