Adding My Original Value

Feb. 01.2021

Adding My Original Value

Kazuhito Ajiro has been part of Kito’s sales force for 13 years. Based in Kobe, he keeps busy with daily business calls that start with a friendly greeting, “Hello, thank you for your business!” Have a safe, happy trip, Mr. Ajiro!

Today I start with Sakamoto Co., an authorized Kito distributor. It’s an important job for us salespeople to train and support our distributors.

To help distributors understand Kito products better, we offer product study sessions. Our job doesn’t end with selling. When a customer is in unexpected difficulty, we quickly take care of it.

Many Kito products are used in Kobe by leading heavy-industry firms and energy companies, as well as in public works. I take pride in Kito products that sustain the social infrastructure on which our daily lives depend. I enjoy being part of our social contribution through my sales efforts.