Coming-of-Age Day Resolution in One Character

Jan. 15.2021

Coming-of-Age Day Resolution in One Character

It’s a Japanese tradition to congratulate people who have recently turned 20, life’s first landmark age, and their entry to adulthood. We asked seven Kito employees celebrating their coming-of-age days this year to express their hopes for the future using a single Japanese character (kanji).



“Ki” stands for “time” or “expectations”.


“In my life ahead I will cherish every encounter as if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. As a new adult and a working member of society I hope to keep growing, measuring up to the expectations of the people around me.”




“Netsu” stands for “heat” or “passion”.


“I’m still green, but I will continue making the effort in my life and work with passion and commitment.”




“Nei” stands for “careful”.


“I will work with careful attention! Speed matters as well, of course, while I take every action with careful thought.”



“Wa” stands for “harmony”.


“I will grow in active communication with the people around me, valuing harmony with them.”




“Shin” stands for “trust”.


“I believe in myself. I believe in my friends. I believe and feel grateful. Every day I will work to earn the confidence of the people around me so they believe in me.”




“Teki” stands for “suitable”.


“As a new adult I will grow to be a person who gets along with everyone, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them.”




“Doku” stands for “independence”.


Independence is my goal. I will make effort to be independent as an adult.”