Rental Industry Keeps High Demands under Pandemic

Nov. 16.2020

Rental Industry Keeps High Demands under Pandemic

With the pandemic and postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, how does Rental-industry have changed? We asked its leader R&R Co. that based in Urayasu city, Chiba pref.

R&R has been offering rental equipment for construction and industrial use since 1989. In Japan there are reportedly 2,500-3,000 rental firms, but none may have the variety and numbers of machinery to meet every order. So they rent from R&R, particularly Kito chain hoists and other specialized equipment. The name R&R comes from that kind of operation: “rentals for rental firms.”

For the safety and peace of mind of renters, R&R has hoist-testing equipment capable of lifting up to 50 tonnes. Returned electric chain hoists are disassembled one by one for maintenance by skilled, certified service personnel. This is how the firm delivers safety and peace of mind to its customers.

“Up till the pandemic reduced economic activity we had been exceptionally busy. Demand peaked related to the Tokyo Olympics and construction for the energy industry, in particular, and transportation infrastructure was building up. Machinery was at work on all kinds of sites.”

“I think the rental industry has only been slightly impacted by COVID-19. Construction work has already resumed in metro Tokyo and the Tokai region, particularly for new power stations. Many Kito products are at work.” (Hideo Harada, R&R Senior Managing Director)
Thank you very much for accepting our interview today!