In A Jet-Engine Maintenance Plant

Aug. 03.2020

In A Jet-Engine Maintenance Plant

We are in the jet-engine-maintenance plant. The airline has been using large system cranes and many other Kito products for over a decade.

Maintenance of jet engines is essential for safe flights every day. High safety is required for the crane that transports engines as well.

The company has just completed an annual crane load test. A high-capacity Kito RD Round Sling, introduced last year, holds the load. We offer various slings and other below-hook devices. Choosing the one that best fits the shape of a given load and its use significantly improves the efficiency and safety of the task.

The RD sling is designed for a heavy load, but made of light fabric, requiring only one person to carry. It’s easy to use and makes rigging job much easier. When you fly, think of the Kito products that sustain aircraft safety in the background.