The Unknown World of Chain, Part 1 Relentless Forging?!

Jul. 15.2020

The Unknown World of Chain, Part 1 Relentless Forging?!

Mention the company Kito, and the word “chain” comes immediately to mind. That word may remind you of daily life situations where you use it, as an accessory around your neck, for example, or on the door for extra security. Kito chain is made for lifting and holding heavy loads, and to that end it is forged relentlessly.

This is a coil of steel wire that we use to make chain. The wire is stretched, cut to specific length, bent and welded into rings in a quick, relentless process. What then?

After it is formed into familiar shape as chain, the relentless process continues. The chain in this picture is not painted yellow. The color comes from heating it to a temperature high enough to alter the properties of the metal, then right after that is paired with a cooling process. Known as heat-treatment, this process is essential in making chain strong.

The final process is relentless, as well. Photo is one scene of the testing process when each chain is pulled under strong force, following rigorous standards. Forged and processed this way, the complete chain, a core part of most Kito products, sustains safe work for our valued customers.
(more in part 2)