A Jib Crane with Double Arms?!

Jun. 15.2020

A Jib Crane with Double Arms?!


Takao Kougyo Co., based in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, processes parts for agricultural and construction machines. The company has recently installed 2 units of Kito wall-bracket cantilever jib cranes with EQ electric chain hoists on its production line. In late February they let us come see its new Kito products at work.

We started our visit excited with curiosity, asking what tasks the jib cranes are used for and finding the best angles for photos. Takao Kougyo employees were there for us with warm support.

The cranes were installed basing on the ready to lift what appeared to be a large jig for producing tractor or agricultural-machine parts. The photographer set up some dynamic movement on the floor.

The crane were installed amid the production equipment to save space. Using our cranes, now one operator can run both machines without excess moves and raise operational efficiency.

“Takao Kougyo’s forte is comprehensive in-house production, from machine-processing through heat-processing and welding to assembly and inspection for delivery. We owe that strength to the craftsmanship and dedicated effort of workers who are always focused on building skills and refining their techniques,” says President Norihito Takao (second from left).