Monumental Art Rises on Kito Hoists

May. 15.2020

Monumental Art Rises on Kito Hoists


Look at this photo and guess what it is, and how is the object related to Kito?






The answer is a stainless-steel sculpture by Daido Nakajima. His studio is in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture. As we approach, massive silver objects come into view — insects and different kinds of animals.

Nakajima started out working mainly in wood, but after acquiring welding skills, he chose stainless steel as his main medium despite, or rather because of its difficulty establishing a unique style. His sculptures are appreciated as local landmarks in parks, schools and many public facilities in Japan.

He says that his sculptures can weigh over five tons, and he has used many Kito hoists over 20 years. He was working on “the world’s biggest ant”, over three meters high and six meters wide. For moving head parts up and down carefully for assembly he uses electric chain hoists.

His sculptures have overwhelming presence. The touchstone for his work is his belief that “Only the beautiful ones, those with a strong presence, survive the times.” The 76-year-old artist faces his art with limitless conviction and enthusiasm.