Three Benefits Came from Powder-coating

Oct. 15.2019

Three Benefits Came from Powder-coating


Powder-coating reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but it’s not just environment-friendly, our customers love it for its beautiful, high-quality results. We asked Kazunobu Takano, leading Parts Machining Team II, to walk us through the powder-coat line.

“As we handle various parts in different shapes, we design hangers to ensure that every part is evenly coated. Parts on hangers first enter the preparatory process, where they are cleaned and zirconium-coated so the powder adheres better.”

“The powder is air-driven, creating a cloud with no waste. Products move through the powder cloud for efficient coating.”

“They are baked at roughly 200 degrees Celsius, then cooled using large fans. From hangering to removal the process takes about three hours.”

“Compared to traditional solvent-based coatings, powder-coating substantially reduces VOC emissions. It’s a process with three advantages: better for the environment, greater beauty and higher quality.”