1 Ton Model CX Chain Hoist Debuts!

Aug. 20.2019

1 Ton Model CX Chain Hoist Debuts!

In July Kito introduced 1 ton model CX chain hoist in Japan. We talked with Ken’ichi Saisho of the Product Planning Department, in charge of promoting the features of the new CX.

Since the release in 2006, the CX line has been a customer favorite. For its silver case and distinct shape, different from any previous Kito hoist, it made a strong impression when it hit the market. Over 13 years the line has expanded from the original 250kg version to the 500kg and now 1-ton versions. Through the years our priority has always been to keep it small and lightweight. We based the 1-ton model on the 500kg version, keeping its mass low.

The Yamanashi Main Plant takes charge of the CX line, from assembly to chain installation. Because the hoists are small, their parts are small, too, requiring precise work. In addition to frequent inspections, visual checks by our people are important from the assembly stage on up.

We already have many orders, and the production line is in full operation. Manual hoists like this are made by small teams. Teamwork matters a lot in the careful but speedy work of assembly, inspection and packing.

The model comes with a twist-checker as a standard feature. If the chain gets twisted in transport, the checker detects it. We developed the feature out of our commitment to safe operation.
Starting in Japan and then the rest of Asia, we plan to eventually make the 1-ton CX available worldwide. I firmly believe the CX will continue to be an essential tool for a wide variety of workplaces.