Kito Hoists Support a Pro Basketball Game

Aug. 20.2019

Kito Hoists Support a Pro Basketball Game

Pro basketball’s B-League started three years ago, and is rapidly gaining popularity. The team Link Tochigi Brex (redubbed Utsunomiya Brex for the 2019-20 season) is without peer in terms of the numbers of spectators it attracts. The club uses Kito products on its home court at Brex Arena Utsunomiya, and kindly allowed us to visit.

Conscious of the success of the US NBA , the club is particular about arena features to help create a quality entertainment experience. In the pregame ceremony we witnessed, all the lights snapped out and the players entered the arena in spotlights, revving up excitement for what was about to happen.

The game was intense from the start. The strong players aggressively competed for the ball to score. Displays on the LED screens high above center court led the fans in chants like “Let’s go Tochigi!” and “Defense!”

The screen array hangs from Kito theatrical hoists, developed especially for the entertainment industry. Painted black, the hoists keep a low profile and stay out of the way of the show. They are powerful stagehands up high, anchoring the flamboyant theater of sport beyond our view.

Four ten-minute quarters make a game, and when it stops for breaks the arena stays busy with cheerleaders and performing artists to keep the excitement going. On this weekday night the game drew a big, happy crowd of nearly 4,000 people.