”Giving all to satisfy the customer”

Nov. 22.2018

”Giving all to satisfy the customer”



“The model of a father I want to become is someone my children can feel they trust the most. I make it a rule to spend quality time with my family when I get home, regardless of how overloaded I am at work. On days off, outdoor activities with them refresh me. Here’s a picture my son drew about the camping we did this summer, “says father of two Norihito Suzuki of the Quality Assurance Group. 


People use Kito products in various workplaces in many different ways for different purposes. Product quality strengthens the bond between Kito and its customers. As the primary customer liaison for the Group, Suzuki communicate with customers every day.


“Our products are often used in severe, dangerous environments, so I always tell myself that our customers trust us with their lives. To prevent unexpected trouble, I immediately contact customers and involved parties to investigate the state of each product if anything seems wrong. ,”



He adds that his previous job in sales makes him always look at things from the customer’s viewpoint.


“I think the main purpose of manufacturing is to fulfill every need of the customer, without fail. Although my job role had been changed, my sincere relationships with customers and my quest for the best solutions for them never changed. I tense up when I get a call from customer saying the operation of hoists does not satisfy their requirement. By pinpointing the cause of the issue and fulfilling the customer’s need, I often hear them say, to my great joy, ‘I’m so glad I trusted Kito,'” he says. 



We asked Suzuki to describe the essence of product assurance.

” It may be simply the awareness of how the customer benefits. Manufacturers imagine how their products will be used, allowing no compromise in quality, and salespeople make suggestions based on clear understanding of the customer’s needs. We in the Quality Assurance Group are there to guarantee that our products perform at their best as long as they’re in use by the customer. We aim to be the undisputed leader in customer care.”