“Fresh energy in the manufacturing trend”

Oct. 19.2018

“Fresh energy in the manufacturing trend”



“I got goosebumps hearing that the firm encourages initiatives of its employees to realize the highest level of safety and durability, because its products are used in any workplace and any industry imaginable, and compromising quality is out of the question from the standpoint of worker safety.”


Shota Sugiyama recalls the Kito orientation for job-seekers at his university three years ago. He dropped in by chance and wound up applying for a job, fascinated by the company’s manufacturing philosophy.



Sugiyama now works in the Manufacturing Process Group, responsible for maintaining and improving efficiency on the production floor, where the Kito commitment to quality manifests in its products.


 “Last summer, when I finally felt comfortable with my workplace and job responsibilities, the IT system that controls production was replaced, changing the floor work substantially. It was a challenge for the entire company, including myself, to push through the transition. Our passion to make our production floor better carried us though. Some of the challenges we’re addressing right now started with the operation of the new system. I believe our effort to resolve one issue after another leads to good manufacturing.”



Rising to the challenges, Sugiyama is positive about change. Off work, he travels across Japan to eventually check off visits to all 47 prefectures.


“I’ve visited many places in Japan, and particularly like Kyoto. I’ve been there several times to experience and appreciate Japanese tea, which I love. Traveling satisfies my desire to see places I’ve never been and curiosity about new experiences. My job does the same. I’m actively involved in improving the transparency of inventory control on the part-manufacturing floor and introducing a new workflow-management system. I want to keep fearlessly rising to the challenge of any task.”



We asked how he envisions the future of Kito manufacturing.


“I want to actively bring new ideas to the floor, using IoT and other cutting-edge technologies. Every day I think about what I can do to help bridge Kito’s 85-year manufacturing tradition to the future ahead.”