Inquiries about IR and Media

Regarding Handling of Personal Information

Personal information entered or provided by a customer shall be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the KITO GROUP and be handled as described below. Please read this information carefully.

  1. Personal information provided by a customer in an inquiry form will be used to process a customer’s request or inquiry, to send materials requested by a customer, or to provide a customer with information related to services and products that are handled by KITO Group Companies (please refer to here for a list of Group Companies), or information regarding a variety of events, campaigns, operations and management and any other various information.

  2. A request or inquiry entered or provided by a customer will be addressed by one of the KITO Group Companies (please refer to here for a list of Group Companies) that we consider to be most appropriate according to the nature of the request or inquiry. Personal information of a customer may be transferred to a designated company, as necessary, to which we contract-out data input or any other related work.

  3. Provision of personal information by a customer is at the discretion of the customer. Please note, however, that we may not be able to provide appropriate services in the event a customer refuses to provide personal information.

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