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Hidden Hoists

You may know that Kito products are mainly used on construction and manufacturing worksites, but it may surprise you to learn that we can be found in unexpected situations nearer at hand as well. Here your editorial team will keep you updated on the many ways our products are at work.

Jib Crane Reduces Worker Burden and Saves Labor!

May. 06.2021

Based in the city of Tsuchiura in Ibaraki Prefecture, Yashi…


Accomplishments of Shirase, the Japanese Antarctic Observation Vessel

Feb. 15.2021

Following the successful careers of the Soya and Fuji, Shir…


Rental Industry Keeps High Demands under Pandemic

Nov. 16.2020

With the pandemic and postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, h…


A Jib Crane with Double Arms?!

Jun. 15.2020

  Takao Kougyo Co., based in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefe…


Monumental Art Rises on Kito Hoists

May. 15.2020

  Look at this photo and guess what it is, and how is…


Premier Sake and Kito Crane

Apr. 15.2020

  For this time we visited Nishida Shuzoten, a sake b…


A Peep at a Veterinary Center

Mar. 16.2020

  This time we visited Azabu University, one of the l…


Electric Chain Hoist Transports Apples

Feb. 03.2020

    Today we visited Tamura Farm, which grows…


Doctor-Heli Out to Save Lives

Dec. 20.2019

  Emergency calls trigger the dispatch of the air amb…


Quest Into an Unknown World

Nov. 15.2019

  For a story, today representing your editorial team…


A Tour of a Fun Factory

Sep. 18.2019

  Iwako Co., of Yashio City in Saitama Prefecture, pr…


Kito Hoists Support a Pro Basketball Game

Aug. 20.2019

Pro basketball's B-League started three years ago, and is r…