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New Employees’ Resolution in a Single Character

Jun. 15.2021

This April, 14 employees joined Kito Japan. We asked them to express their hopes for the future using a single character.


I overcome every difficulty to grow.



I stand straight and work hard with a straightforward mindset.



I rise to every new challenge to expand my realm.



I rise to any challenge without fear.



I work with my spirit up.



I talk with coworkers to clarify the unknown and be a reliable part of the workplace.



I cooperate with many people to get the jobs done well.



Like chain, I try to be a strong connector between Kito and the world.



I make life and work fruitful.



I make my utmost effort without giving up.



I have the guts to overcome any difficulties and keep growing.



I’m getting better at managing my schedule, health and finances — after having spent my first salary right away.



As a person, I aim for a fulfilling life.



I take one step after another as I climb to my goal.

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