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What makes Kito different?

Kito has achieved high market share around the world, so what are the secrets of making a high-quality hoist? Here we bring you to the manufacturing floor, where we make our products with love and pride. Join us to see for yourself.

Automation Meets Traditional Craftsmanship—Kito Lever Hoist

Sep. 15.2021

The lever hoist is like our middle name at Kito, an essen…


The Unknown World of Chain, Part 3 Relentless Work to Be the World’s Best

Sep. 15.2020

  In the previous part, we told our story about the n…


A Chain as Long as Tokyo Tower is High!

Jan. 15.2020

  The electric chain hoist featured here is overwhelm…


A Crane on a Rail!?

Dec. 02.2019

  Cranes come in different shapes and structures for …


Three Benefits Came from Powder-coating

Oct. 15.2019

  Powder-coating reduces emissions of volatile organi…


1 Ton Model CX Chain Hoist Debuts!

Aug. 20.2019

In July Kito introduced 1 ton model CX chain hoist in Japan…