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Guardians of Kito Quality

“Step-by-Step Toward Perfection”

Dec. 21.2018

  Kito guarantees world-class product quality by producing most important safety-re…

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”Giving all to satisfy the customer”

Nov. 22.2018

    "The model of a father I want to become is someone my children can feel…

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“Fresh energy in the manufacturing trend”

Oct. 19.2018

    "I got goosebumps hearing that the firm encourages initiatives of its emp…

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“Better efficiency, same passion”

Sep. 21.2018

    In manufacturing, building a good and efficient production system is just…

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“My Hometown and Mujin Culture”

Aug. 21.2018

  What's most essential to the long-term growth of corporate value is the trust tha…

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“Manufacturing is team play.”

Jul. 04.2018

    The EH Assembly Team assembles Kito electric hoists,which are used in a b…

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