A Chain as Long as Tokyo Tower is High!

Jan. 15.2020

A Chain as Long as Tokyo Tower is High!


The electric chain hoist featured here is overwhelming in size, but that’s not the only amazing thing about it: its chain is over 300 meters long! We asked Go Naito, who leads the Customized Product Assembly Team, to tell us more about this novel product.

Every day people on the Customized Product Assembly Team handle hoists built for specific industries, from manufacturing to entertainment and foods, and for specific purposes. The lift range of this unit, the maximum distance it can lift the load, is 50 meters for the rated capacity of 15 tons. That makes this particular hoist a novelty among electric chain hoists.

To move a 15-ton load 50 meters, the chain has to be 300 meters long and weigh over 800 kilograms. The buckets to contain this chain are naturally massive as well. When the hoist vibrates, a big swinging bucket can collide with and damage the hook and load chain. So the buckets are held in place with four slings, while two more prevent them from swinging.


The top suspension plate for attaching the hoist is custom-made as well. The hoist is for use outdoors, so electrical components like power cables and overload limiter are packed into special weatherproof packings.
After assembly, the hoists are load-tested.

From design to final assembly, we put all Kito technology and our total commitment into the production of this hoist, keeping the customer’s safety foremost in mind. Secured in a custom shipping cage that the customer prepared, it’s ready to go as we deliver another memorable custom product!