"Step-by-Step Toward Perfection"

Dec. 21.2018

“Step-by-Step Toward Perfection”


Kito guarantees world-class product quality by producing most important safety-related parts on its own. Among those parts, chain is particularly important. By hoisting sometimes incredibly heavy loads, great chain is vital to safe work. We asked Teruaki Dobashi of the Chain Technology Group about his passion for research on chain.



Delivering better products to customers is our mission, and research and development is the starting point. Dobashi’s commitment to quality is without equal.


“What’s unique about Kito chain production is the separate use of high-frequency heat processing and carburizing treatment to enhance material strength, depending on desired product characteristics. Motor-driven electric chain hoists coil the chain faster than manual hoists, for this reason it’s important that chain used in them better resists abrasion. Chain for manual hoists needs endurance and flexibility as well as strength. By applying the best heat-treatment for the intended uses, we deliver optimal chain for every workplace.”


“We’re proud of the world-class strength of Kito chain. Our high quality is a result of years of trials and testing. By selecting materials that were globally compatible, for instance, we were able to continue to improve our already excellent products. Our work-process reform may look like a small change, but I believe this little step is the start of a major initiative.”



His buddy is a toy poodle named Mocha. The bond between them is just as strong as Kito chain.


“Mocha was a puppy when I first got him, he was wobbly and didn’t respond when I called his name. But as we built a trusting relationship, he started responding. It appears he likes eating as we do, even foods he doesn’t otherwise like. I used to be a cat lover, but my dog’s love and straightforward expression of his emotions turned me into a dog-person.”



We asked about his vision for the future.


“My goal is to be able to offer safer, easier-to-use products at home and abroad. By upgrading our chain, meaning lighter chain for hoisting the same weight, we can eventually make hoists smaller and lighter. The greatest joy among us researchers is contributing to the mission Kito has pursued for over 85 years. I want to be part of the kind of product development that leaves a clear mark on the history of Kito.”