Dialogue with Shareholders

In compliance with the “Basic Policy for Corporate Governance” and through constructive dialogue with its shareholders, the Company will make efforts to achieve sustainable corporate growth and improvement of corporate value on a medium- to long-term basis.

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

  1. The director in charge of IR and the IR Department will conduct dialogue and interviews with shareholders and investors. Depending on the purpose of the dialogue, the department in charge of IR works organically with each department in the company to enhance dialogue.

  2. We have prepared briefing sessions for institutional investors, analysts and media, as well as factory tours, and held briefings on business strategies. In addition, we hold large meetings and factory tours for individual shareholders, and provide opportunities for dialogue.

  3. The contents of dialogue with shareholders and investors are shared on a regular basis via meetings of the Board of Directors, internal intranet, etc.

  4. In dialogue we will not communicate insider information (important undisclosed facts). The four weeks before the announcement of financial results are considered the “silent period.”

  5. When holding the dialogue, insider information will be strictly controlled in compliance with applicable internal regulations.

  6. To contribute to constructive dialogue with the shareholders, a survey of substantial shareholders will be conducted when deemed necessary to enable the Company to comprehend the structure of its shareholders.

State of Efforts made for Activation of General Shareholders’ Meetings and Smoother Exercise of Voting Rights

Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the rights of the shareholders including the right to vote at the general shareholders’ meetings are substantially secured.

  1. A general shareholders’ meeting held outside of days when other companies concentrate theirs The Company makes an effort every year to hold its general shareholders’ meeting prior to the days when other companies concentrate their shareholders’ meetings so that as many shareholders as possible may attend the general shareholders’ meeting.

  2. Early dispatch of Notice of Convocation The Company recognizes that the general shareholders’ meeting is an important organization for deciding its fundamental policies and also a place for constructive dialogue with the shareholders.
    Accordingly, the Company tries to dispatch the notice of convocation at an early date and publicizes the notice on the Company’s website concurrently to enable the shareholders to secure time to fully study the agenda.

  3. Preparation of notice of convocation in multiple languages Reference materials for annual shareholders meeting and business reports are partly translated into English and provided on the websites of the Company and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  4. Diversified means to exercise voting rights Our shareholders can exercise voting rights via the Internet. The Company has adopted a platform for the electronic exercise of voting rights operated by ICJ, Inc.

Resolutions at General Shareholders’ Meeting

Please refer to the Information on the General Shareholders’ Meeting for the number of the voting rights for and against the respective matters for resolution and the number of abstentions from voting as well as the results of the resolutions.

Information of the General Shareholders’ Meeting

Enhancement of Information Disclosure

  1. The Company will set standards and procedures related to its disclosure of information and try to communicate information to the shareholders and other stakeholders promptly and accurately.

  2. The Company will voluntarily disclose to the extent possible and publicize on the Company’s website even information that does not fall under the categories of the material facts prescribed in laws and ordinances or security listing regulations but is considered to influence the investment decisions of the shareholders and investors or to be useful for enhancing their understanding of the Company.

  3. For shareholders and investors abroad, an English version (summary) of the notice of convocation of the general shareholders’ meeting will be publicized on the Company’s website while efforts will be made to disclose other information and materials in several languages.

Disclosure Policy

Enhancement of Dialogue with Shareholders

An exchange party is held with the shareholders following the general shareholders’ meeting to communicate with them in an active manner. KITO’s products are exhibited at the exchange party site for better understanding of the products by shareholders.