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Social Responsibility



Kito products are often used in severe, hazardous workplaces. Our top priority is to support our users in working safely and confidently.

For that we produce many parts, including core parts that determine the safety and durability of entire products, at our main plant in Yamanashi and furnish them to society. To ensure our renowned Kito quality down to the smallest detail, we conduct almost all production processes, from product design to development, parts production and final assembly, in house.

Quality policy

Kito furnishes products and services that satisfy and excite our customers.

In our production and sales operations we put top priority on elevating the quality and functionality of our products, striving for ever-higher safety, durability and operability.
We produce well-balanced, superior products that meet all social needs, including laws and regulations.
Every Kito employee understands his or her role and responsibilities in making products with heart.