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Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

To further reduce environmental impact, we will rebuild our plant for cleaner, more energy-efficient operations. Here at the Yamanashi Plant our top priority is to maintain a safe workplace for all, with careful attention to fire, other work-related risks, and harmful noise and odors in addition to effort to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other environmental impact.

Development and design

Kito products are designed to be compact, light and durable. With conscious effort to select the best materials and reduce the number of parts, we help preserve the

Compact and light / durable / long life
Custom products to best suit the work environment


Kito reduces energy consumption by switching to energy-efficient equipment, removing as much hazardous substances as possible from its workplaces and products, and building safe workplaces in which anyone can work safely and at ease.

Reducing use of toxic organic solvents
  • Kito switched to powder-coating in 2017, resulting in a 70% cut in the use of organic solvents from the 2015 level. Effort continues to reduce that further.

Reducing use of flammable substances
  • In addition to isolating and eliminating Class-1 hazardous and other oils, we are replacing them with safe materials.

Energy-conservation effort
  • Increase efficiency of heating equipment.
  • Reduce size and redistribute large equipment.
  • Make compressed air leaks visible and reduce.

Trend in energy consumption and CO2emissions relative to production volume

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions
down by 35% over a decade

Energy consumption (MWh)
/ Production (t)

CO2 emissions (tCO2) / production (t)


Taking advantage of its globally diversified production bases, Kito speedily delivers products to customers worldwide at lower distribution cost. We use simple packaging to reduce waste and ease unpacking by customers.

Globally diversified production bases
Simple packaging
Simple packaging selected by customers
Recyclable cartons for intra-group transportation

Customer training

Kito trains customers and distributors to correctly and safely use our products.

Service maintenance
Product training