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Social Responsibility

Social Contribution

Protecting the environment

Kito strives for clean manufacturing with minimum environmental impact in our comprehensive in house production of everything from parts to final products.

An action principle in our effort to protect the environment is to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent pollution in daily operations and throughout the lifecycles of our products through goal directed management systems. This is how we contribute to help build a rich, sustainable society in harmony with the earth.

Specifically, we had our Main Plant in Japan and our plant in Jiangyin, China win internationally recognized ISO4001 certification for environmental management. We promote efficient, low impact production by improving production equipment and waste disposal procedures at our Main Plant and other facilities, amd following our own guidelines for controlling harmful substances and green purchasing.

A good example of our results in this area is the introduction of our powder coating system in fiscal 2017, resulting in a cut in the use of organic solvents by 90% against our FY2015 volume (see data below). One of our main products, the EQ hoist (capacity: 980kg), has won the EcoLeaf environmental label. Under this program the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) quantifies the environmental impact of a given product throughout its life cycle, publishes the data and certifies products considered environment friendly.

Enhancing diversity at the work place

Kito believes that creating job opportunities is the best contribution we can make to the communities we operate in, so we put special effort into hiring disabled people. In 2011 we created a master plan for employment over five years and have implemented measures to build an environment in which all people can work, regardless of differences in ability.

To best match people with jobs, for instance, we offer on the job training in several departments to prospective employees before they officially join the firm. We don't assign seemingly easy jobs to disabled employees, but rather offer them procedural manuals that compile workplace knowledge to provide clear, visual instructions of operations and points for improvement to facilitate their smooth integration. The results are more job opportunities for disabled employees and lower turnover.

We are also making more Main Plant structures barrier-free, and building safer walkways and ramps, automatic doors, restroom facilities and designated parking spaces for the disabled. These efforts led to a September 2017 citation by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare awarding Kito a First Prize for workplace improvement.