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Directors / Officers


Yoshio KitoPresident & CEO

Yoshio Kito

Edward W. HunterExecutive Vice President

Edward W. Hunter

Tsuneo YuzuriharaManaging Director

Tsuneo Yuzurihara

Shigeki OsozawaManaging Director

Shigeki Osozawa

Katsumi NakamuraDirector(Outside)

Katsumi Nakamura

Takashi HiraiDirector(Outside)

Takashi Hirai

Koji OsawaDirector(Outside)

Koji Osawa

Reason for Election of Outside Directors

Corporate Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditor Kentaro Yoneyama
Corporate Auditor Kiyohito Hamada
Corporate Auditor Eiko Hakoda

Reasons for Election of Outside Corporate Auditors

Executive Officer

President Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Yoshio Kito
Executive Vice President Officer
Co-Chief Market Officer 

Edward W. Hunter
Senior Executive Officer Chief Quality Officer 
Chief Manufacturing Officer
Head/GM, Quality Assurance Division,
Head of Hoist Manufacturing Division, Chain 
Manufacturing Division and Procurement Division
Tsuneo Yuzurihara
Senior Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Head/GM, Corporate Management Division
Head/GM, Financial Management Division
Shigeki Osozawa
Senior Executive Officer Co-Chief Market Officer
GM, Business Division-China
Vice Chairman/GM
Longlin Huang
Senior Executive Officer GM, Business Division-Asia Mamoru Horiuchi
Executive Officer Head of PCH (Powered Chain Hoists) Scott D. Miller
Executive Officer GM, Development & Technology Division Kazumitsu Ishikawa
Executive Officer Head of Regional Business Administration Yoshio Morita
Executive Officer GM, Business Division-Americas
KITO Americas, Inc. CEO/ President
Harrington Hoists, Inc. President
Carlo Lonardi
Executive Officer Deputy GM, Business Division-Americas
KITO Americas, Inc. COO
Marc Premont
Executive Officer GM, Business Division-EMEA
Kito Europe GmbH/Managing Director 
Martin Rothe
Executive Officer GM, Hoist Manufacturing Division Kimiaki Hayakawa
Executive Officer GM, Chain Manufacturing Division Hiroshi Yamada
Executive Officer GM, Procurement Division
Toshio Kono