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Kito's hoist lines have earned a reputation for delivering unmatched value and performance. Kito offers all major hoist lines with a wide capacity range for various applications to provide solutions for all working conditions.

Product Line-up

The RY Wire-rope Hoist

Kito applies technologies and expertise built over eight decades of chain-hoist development and production to this line of wire-rope hoists to achieve exceptional performance with unparalleled safety and durability.

  • Original variable frequency drive control
    Load swing minimized by original variable frequency drive control
    Greatest support possible for productivity and safety
  • Pull-rotor motor braking for high safety
    Complete control for secure hold on any load
    Integrated variable frequency drive for extended brake life
  • Lighter case
    Low weight made possible with low-pressure aluminum casting
    Simple case design eases maintenance

RK Wire Rope Hoists

RK Wire Rope Hoists have state-of-the-art system of power transmission and braking. The RK drive unit of integrated drum and lifting mortor make these wire rope hoists innovative and space saving.

  • Capacity Range: 1t - 63t
  • Compact design for space saving
  • Extreme duty motor increases your productivity.
  • Overload limiter and limit switches are standard to ensure your safety.

HK Wire Rope Hoists

HK Wire Rope Hoists are designed and built for heavy-duty applications.

  • Capacity Range: 1.6t - 10t
  • Overload limiter and limit switches ensure your safety.
  • Thermal protection is standard for preventing burnout of the lifting mortor.

CD/MD Wire Rope Hoists

CD/MD Wire Rope Hoists are economical and efficient wire rope hoists designed and manufactured in China. These compact and smooth-to operate wire rope hoists are rated the number 1 selling in the Chinese market.

  • Capacity Range: 1/2t - 20t
  • Various Options; Low-headroom, Marine Model, Metallurgy Model, Explosion-proof Model, etc.

RH Wire Rope Hoists

RH Wire Rope Hoists are designed and built for today's heavy-duty wire rope hoist applications. State-of-the-art design features and construction make the RH extremely durable, highly reliable and very low maintenance for years of trouble free service.

  • Capacity Range: 5t - 10t
  • A hinged electrical panel and external upper/lower limit switches minimize hoist downtime and expense.

V Series Wire Rope Hoists

V Series Wire Rope Hoists offer a variety of models; "the Explosion-proof Type" and "Long-lifting Height Type".

  • Capacity Range: 1/2t - 60t

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