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CEO's Message

CEO's Message

To our shareholders and investors

Since our founding in 1932, KITO, as a leader primarily in hoists and cranes and other material handling equipment, has been providing high-quality, safe products and services to customers in various industries.
We are convinced that there will be a need for our business as long as there is gravity on earth and industrial activities are pursued. The added value of KITO's products and services has been highly regarded and KITO has developed into a global company that has been steadily increasing its presence even in the overseas markets.

Looking back on the economic situation in recent years, the demand for capital expenditures has declined substantially in the industrialized countries of Japan, U.S. and Europe. It will take some time before these countries are able to return to their previously powerful growth tracks.
Nevertheless, demand for our products, as part of infrastructure installations required in every industry has remained strong. Emerging markets, such as China, are on recovery trends, driven mainly by their internal demand. Consequently, KITO believes that there is still room for growth by seeking this aforementioned future growth and the customer needs of these emerging economies.
Under such an economic environment, KITO has become aware of the renewed importance of "actions based on the Corporate Mission." KITO is not only committed to providing highly-quality products to its customers but also making new proposals from the customers' perspective, while providing technology and meticulous service to realize such proposals.
KITO will continue to make every effort to win the trust of its customers and become a collective entity that delivers unmatched satisfaction to its customers through its business activities.

We, therefore, ask our shareholders and investors, for their further support and understanding for many years to come.

Yoshio Kito
President & CEO

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