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Wind Power

Installing custom models that withstand the harsh installation environment

The Challenges

Wind power is gathering attention as a source of renewable energy and is gaining traction around the world. Wind power generators consist of the blades (windmill sails), nacelle (machine room*1), and the tower supporting them, with larger wind power generators built on towers up to 100 meters tall. Electric chain hoists are used in the construction and maintenance of wind power generators.

  • *1 The nacelle houses the generator, step-up gear, and transmission shaft.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

Hoists used for maintenance are installed on the yaw platform section of the nacelle and lift tools and components when maintenance is required.
Wind generators generally have a service life of around 20 years, which the hoist must match or exceed. Moreover, since the locations are often in relatively harsh environments such as near the sea or on mountain tops, durability in performance and efficiency is a must. In response, KITO has developed wind power generation models with customized components such as load chains, brakes, and buckets.


A chain hoist installed in the nacelle used to maintain the wind power generator.


A chain hoist is used to lift tools and components to the nacelle.
(concept illustration)


Powered Hoists

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