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Improving transportation quality by preventing cargo from damage and falls

The Challenges

The transportation industry encompasses a vast logistical network, and the most crucial player in that industry, which is also the one most familiar to us, is trucking. A tremendous variety of commodities reach us everyday after being loaded onto trucks.
When transporting goods by truck, it is crucial to prevent cargo from falling and collapsing; this is done by tying or fixing the cargo using specialized equipment.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

KITO Lever Blocks and KITO Belt Lashings (currently available only in Japan) are widely used at truck transportation sites. KITO products are highly regarded for their sturdiness, ease-of-use, and portability, while remaining compact and lightweight thanks to our unique free-chaining mechanism that allows quick adjustment of the chain length for lever blocks. We also provide overhead cranes which move trailer-transferred cargo containers into the warehouse and stack them there in a fully automatic process. Our years of experience in this industry were invaluable in our development of our sensor technology, which determines position by measuring the load-carrying positions of trailers in three dimensions. This system allows cranes to secure containers and stack them in warehouses without slippage, even when dealing with vehicles of different specifications.


KITO Lever Blocks used to secure cargo to a truck bed.


A crane used to move containers.


Securing cargo to a truck using KITO Belt Lashings.


LB Lever Hoists are used to secure a huge pedestrian bridge deck.
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Manual Products

Powered Hoists



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