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Providing crucial assistance to manpower

The Challenges

In shipbuilding, the welding block construction method is commonly used due to its record of work efficiency and safety. In this method, individual hull blocks are manufactured in a factory, transported via large cranes to a dock or berth, and then assembled. The sequence of assembly line procedures includes processing → assembly (sub-, mid- and final-assembly) → fieldwork → launch → rigging → delivery; most of these steps require hoisting equipment. In shipbuilding, the larger and bulkier the blocks, the more difficult it becomes to automate the work, hence the increasing dependence on manpower.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

At shipbuilding sites, where automation is difficult, KITO products are used for a wide variety of work – from high-powered units to compact products perfect for the most confined areas as required. Made-to-order products such as steel plate hooks and chain hoists with electric motors are also designed and produced following numerous on-site inspections and improvements.


Fixing a steel plate using KITO Lever Blocks with a dedicated shipbuilding hook.


Moving steel materials using the KITO SUPER MAG


Using the KITO CHAIN HOIST CX to install an inboard facility


Manual Hoists

Powered hoists



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